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If you are new to HVAC or you are trying to find the right product for the right application, you are in the right page. We are the designer and manufacturer of all kind of HVAC products. If you are trying to find something which is not in this section, please feel free to contact us and our engineers will be happy to assist you in finding the right product for your application.



J C Cooling manufactures an extensive line of UL classified and listed dampers to protect life and mitigate property loss during a life safety event.  J C Cooling Fire, Smoke, and combination fire/smoke dampers meet the strict requirements established by the International Fire Code (IFC) and the International Building Code (IBC).  J C Cooling UL listed solutions are available with a variety of standard features and labor-saving options. Life safety dampers protect openings in walls, ceilings, floors and/or partitions to prevent the spread of fire and/or smoke. These products are tested and classified in accordance with UL555 & UL 555S. Fire Dampers maintains required fire resistance ratings of walls, partitions, and floors when penetrated by air ducts and transfer openings. Smoke dampers prevent the spread of smoke in a buidling. Used in passive Smoke control or part of an Engineered Smoke Control system.


J C Cooling manufactures the Ducts to meet the most stringent HVAC/Industrial specifications and quality standards. Rectangular GI Ducts are fabricated out of hot dipped galvanized steel sheet of lock forming quality as standard duct material. MS ducting is made from the high quality mild steel which contains 0.16–0.29% carbon being neither brittle nor ductile. In kitchen exhaust MS ducts are largely used owing to its inherently fire resistant characteristic which can be further enhanced by Fire Rated Spray Coat or painted with multiple coats of Red Oxide. Stainless Steel Ducts are useful for businesses and large manufacturing companies which calls for its specialized use in voluminous and industrialized applications. Use of stainless steel duct-work for any specialist application is recommended for its strength and rigidity which is similar to a galvanized iron duct. Its appearance though is much sleeker than the one in an aluminium duct it stands way out for its corrosion resistant characteristic.


It is very important to control the volume of air entering or leaving the building or a room in order to create a comfortable zone. J C Cooling has methodically designed such products that can handle minimal to large volume of air. Variable Air volume Controls (VAVs), Volume control dampers, Grilles & Diffusers, Louvers and Plenums that can handle larger quantities of air are usually installed in the ducting system or the point where air enters into the building. 


A low noisy atmosphere is a comfortable atmosphere. J C Cooling manufactured specialized Sound attenuators, Cross talk attenuators & Acoustic Louvers that are uniquely designed and manufactured by specialized Engineers considering the area served, the incident noise levels generated by the air handling units, pressure drop, duct drawings etc. Silencer selections are made on the above criteria in order to perform as required to create a comfortable zone. Silencers are used in conjunction with central a/c systems in areas where it is imminent to stop the noise generated by various sources such as generators, air handling equipments, duct branches and corners, machinery, or just the outside noise. Classrooms, conference halls, meeting rooms, specialty hospitals, ICUs, etc are some of the places where sound attenuators are generally used.


It is essential to balance the air pressure in the building to provide the comfortable zone. J C Cooling Engineers has precisely designed and manufactured Pressure relief dampers, Non-return Dampers and Back Draft dampers considering the area served. Relief dampers are used to shut off supply and exhaust openings in ventilation systems. When the system is in operation, the blades of the damper are held in the open position by the air flow. If the system is switched off, the blades close automatically, thus giving protection against the ingress of rain or leaves and birds into the air conditioning system.

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