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Welcome to JC Cooling.
We understand the value of life and safety, so we provide high quality internationally certified life and safety product.
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We are in the market from last one decade as a Manufacturer and supplier of high-quality Fire & safety (UL Classified), Air and Sound control products that includes Fire dampers, Combination Fire and Smoke dampers, Variable Air volume control, Volume Control Dampers, Ducts, Air outlets, louvers, Grilles & Diffusers, Sound attenuators & Acoustic louvers. J C Cooling products can be used in all types of buildings commercial, institutional, and industrial for all types of applications light duty, medium duty & heavy duty for comfortness in buildings.

We Deliver

Quality in Manufacturing

We are proudly announcing the fact that our JC cooling name is synonymous with Quality! That is why we are ISO 9001: 2015 Certified.
We provide a model for quality assurance in design, development, production, and service. We guarantee that our processes are consistent in our plant and that translates to greater efficiencies, better products, and superior service.

We have Pioneered

Manufacturing Standards

JC Cooling is designing and manufacturing all the products to meet the international requirements of standards like UL555, UL 555S, AMCA 500D, DW 144, SMACNA, DW 142 for leakage, NFPA 90 A, UL181 for erosion.

Products like VAVs, VCDs, Silencers, acoustic louvers, Ducts, relief dampers are specially design to meet the requirement of ARI 880, AMCA 500D, ASHRAE, ASTM, ADC 1062, ETL and other standards which are required by the building codes and designs.

Fire dampers and Combination fire smoke dampers are designed and manufactured as per UL555 & UL555S certification to meet the requirement of local authority of fire and safety, Air outlets are manufactured as per ARI880 & ETL standards.

Successful Projects
Years of Expertise
Years of Expertise
Our Vision

We enhance customer satisfaction by continuously improving our products, processes, and services. Our Research and development department is always engaging in achieving the new market challenges. We strive to improve the operating performance of our company and group to assure their long-term success. We adhere to regulations and laws and act responsibly in the communities in which we operate.

Mubin Malim

Great Quality product, excellent sales service, great culture & high growth company in UAE market.

Afzal Khan

Manufacturer and supplier of dampers, vav ( variable air volume), bypass type vav, pressure dependent type vav, pressure independent type vav, sound attenuators, acoustic louver, ducts, duct heaters, sand trap louvers. Good quality products, cost effective, best services.


Best HVAC products manufacturer, Superb quality UL classified damper, UL555-Motorized fire damper , UL555s-motorized smoke damper manufacturer , UL555 & UL555s-motorized smoke fire damper manufacturer, sound Attenuator, sand trap louver, diffuser, always delivery on or before time ,best price & best after sales service

B. Mohamed Mohideen

Best in HVAC Products. Good quality products. If you want best services then go for jc cooling. Affordable at very reasonable rates.

Avinash Mishra Rnb

Specialized in dampers, fire and safety products, fire and smoke dampers, good quality, on time delivery, best after sales service, trust full exporter for damper & other HVAC products, good experience with then , good luck & thanks J C Cooling & their teams 👍🏻

Rami Zetawi

Best manufacturer & supplier of motorized fire damper ul-555, motorized smoke damper ul-555s,motorized smoke fire damper ul-555/ul-555s,fire and smoke damper, sound attenuator, smoke damper, VAV, louvers etc
best exporter of Dubai, UAE

Dr. Anil Kumar

Damper specialist , motorized damper, motorized smoke fire damper, motorized smoke damper, motorized fire damper,fire damper,VAV, induction type VAV, pressure dependent type VAV , Bypass VAV, Pressure independent type VAV best manufacturer of all this products in gulf .

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